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Pork roast smoking

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Going to smoke a 3.5 lb roast in ECB. Let me see if I got this right. Smoke around 200-220 until the meat reaches somewhere around 165 degrees. Pull it out, foil it, put it in cooler for at least an hour. Pull and enjoy. Am I half right on this deal? Should a person always let any meat that they smoke, rest for awhile? No matter what it is? Please help. Thanks
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Hey there, is this your first 3.5 lb roast? Assuming it's a pork roast too .. confused.gif

You've got almost everything right. Can bump up the internal smoke temp to 225 - 240. If you're going to spritz, start doing so after the internal temp of the meat hits 100 deg, and then every hour after that. You'll want to foil the meat at 165 deg, include some of the spritz liquid in the foil, and put it back on the smoker until the internal temp of the meat hits 195-205. Then pull the roast off and wrap it good, throw in the cooler, and let rest for at least 90 min ('cause it's a little one) before pulling.

Good luck!
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Yes you are half right. You will have a hard time pulling pork at 165 internal temp. Needs to be 190 to 200+ for pulling. Read this thread for the other half:
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What they said!!!
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Not so fast!! One other thing to consider.....a pork loin roast will be much better if he only takes it to 165* and then "slices" is too dry of a cut of pork to use for pulling. I personally like my pork a little more juicy, so only take loin cuts or chops to 155-160*.

Otherwise, you might just be better of making boneless chops out of it and grilling them. I've tried to do pulled pork with a boneless loin......the flavor was ok.....but it was very, VERY dry!

My $.02,

Edit::: I guess nothing was mentioned about it being a "Loin" roast........PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Exactly, too good of a cut for puling. I cook mine to 140 150.
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What Ron said. If you search, there are other threads that also say to pull it off at 150. I did this for the first time on Sunday. (5 or 6 lb'er) I spritzed every hour with apple juice, pulled and foiled at 150 and let rest for 90 min. It was just fantastic. Plus, a day later (today) it made perfect sammy's. (thanks SMF)
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What cut to buy?

Since a pork loin to going to be to dry to pull, what do I buy for pulling? pork butt? New at this! Thanks
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YEP! that is the what you want, you can do brisket that way also, although I personally have not tried to. Pulled pork is to die for...don't forget the mopping sauce....YUMMY....and the slaw......humm droolin' now! post q-vue for us!
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Pork butt, or a shoulder or at Sam' s club you can buy cushion meat, which is a boneless shoulder. Hope this helps.
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Hey ronp100343,
Thanks I have seen that cushion meat and had no clue what it does it compare to the butt?? same? just no bone??
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I haven't tried it yet, some people here said it is hammy, I like ham so I am going to try it soon, I think the smoke time will be less than a butt since they look smaller.
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yeah. i think smoke time should be lesser too.
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I talked to the butcher at Sam's yesterday. He is also a smoker. He said there were six pieces in a pack and much smaller than the butts. That might be a good choice for a shorter smoke session. I'm going to try them before a butt since there are only 2 of us in the house.
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