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Hello from Iowa City

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Hi, I've been smoking for about 5 years now. I am a KCBS CBJ for 4 years.

I am a full-time student so I don't have much time to cook anymore, but I do every chance I can get. I used to have a little Brinkman offset but when we moved to our new place 4 years ago they didn't allow wood/charcoal, so I switched to a Smokey Mountain gasser. Except the year after that, they didn't allow those either, so the smoker sits at my in-laws house.

That's all for now I guess.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Glenn, I'm gonna suggest you stop looking at this forum. If you spend too much time here, you'll be wanting to move, or even worse, spend a LOT of time at your in-law's house to be near your smoker!
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I wish my in-laws lived a little closer. They are only 30 minutes away, which isn't that bad, but if you figure the things I want to cook take 12-14 hours, it's a pretty big time commitment to spend there when I have studying to do.

I miss the days of having a smoker right outside the door. I could rub some meat, throw it on either overnight for brisket or butt, or put it on in the morning for ribs. Then while the ribs are cooking I just come back inside and read or study...

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Welcome to the forum Gelnn!! Looks like us Iowans are gonna take over here pretty soon.....I'm in the Tama/Toledo area....not all that far from you. Several other Iowegians come to the site regularly from all over the state. In fact, we're attempting to work out the details and have a get together sometime in July. Here's a link to the thread if you are interested....

Glad you found us at the SMF.....hope you can join us in July!!

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Welcome to smf Glenn. Glad to have you here.
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Seboke you're killing me! soda on the keyboard!

Welcome Glenn!! I vote your moving soon!
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! Iowa strikes again!
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welcome to smf. I hope you get to smoke some!
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Welcome to the smf glenn, sorry to hear about your smoking situation. Would you be allowed an electric smoker ?

Anyways, glad you're here, lots of good people and great info.
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Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you already have quite a bit of experience.

Sounds like "they" need to taste some of your finished product then maybe "they" will reconsider. wink.gif I'm sure the neighbors would support you.

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Welcome to SMF. Go Hawkeyes
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