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smoke flavor

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I've got a new gas grill w "flavor bars" in lieu of the old faithful lava rocks. I can't figure out how to supplement the flavor w wood chips like I could w my old rig.Any suggestions?
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Spend another $40 and get an ECB ;{)
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Agreed - by the time you spend $ trying to make that thing a smoker, you would've surpassed the $40 for the ECB. Love my ECB!! Best thing out there for the price!
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Remove one of the flavor bars and replace it with a box for the wood chips. They sell boxes made of cast iron and stainless.

You could also try an aluminum foil bag of chips.
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Tinfoil packet with chips inside, poke a few holes in it and flop it on the heat, then let her smolder. Tuna can works okay too.
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I agree with mulepackin, tinfoil pouch is the easiest. I would leave the flavorizer bars in and put a foil pack nested in between two of them, up off the burner. With the short grilling time, I'd also try to get your food directly over the smoke.
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I'm not trying to smoke...just to supplement the flavor. The bars are rounded top and won't support a tuna can or a cast iron box. I tried foil pouches saddle bag fashioned over the bars. The two over low heat burners didn't get hot enough to smoke.......the one over the high heat didnt smoke either; the sucker flamed and almost melted the foil!
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Take the cast iron box and set it down on the bottom of the grill between the burners or where ever, put your wood in there and one piece of charcoal, use a torch or something to light it and the charcoal will keep the wood smoking for a long time.
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Good advise...wink.gif

Even better advise!! biggrin.gif
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I have a cast iron smoke box (like $9) that I'll add pellets or chips to and throw on top of the "flavor bar"

Actually, I stopped replacing flavor bars, as they have about a 2-3 year or less life span, so I place my smoke box right on this replacement iron surface that distributes heat in the grill evenly throughout.

Tried to post a pic from Grill Lovers site, but its under construction
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or do the tin foil thingy, just tie with some wires to sweet spot where wood smoke like you wish, lengthen or shorten wires as needed. seen it done and tasted the results. it does work.
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heres hat you do!!

i have a grilll with the flavor bars and this is what I do, it seems to work very well, leave your flavorizer bar over the burner, if you dont you will either burn a hole through the foil or your chips will catch fire. take a handful of chips and put them in a water bowl, let them soak for an hour or so,, then take two pieces of foil about 18 inches long and lay them together and fold all of the edges over , then take two handfuls of cry dry chips and put them on the foil , then take the other handful of wet and put them on top of the dry. Take another piece of foil same size and lay it on top, roll all of the edges real good, make it nice and tight, then poke 5-10 foles in the top and bottom of the pouch.

I have had real good luck with this method.

by the way I forgot to say, you need to take an old grate or buy a small one and just lay it over your flavor bars, when you do this it will hold all of your smoke pouches just fine.
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What I want to know is where you get an ECB for $40?
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Craig's List has them everyday or so for $10.00-$40.00...
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I'm gonna be like an old record and tell you just about what everyone here has took you already get a cast iron pan and just add some chips to it and boom your a smoking.
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