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Beef rib help

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Plan on smoking some boneless beef ribs. How about some sugguestions or tips? I have been getting alot of very helpful ideas from these forums. Thanks to all!
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Are your BB Pibs actually slices from a Chuck roast?
That's what they usually are... smoke till 170, foil and finish till it passes the probe test (slides in like butter) sometimes takes to 205+!!
Season with salt n pepper and some garlic powder and be patient, these take a while but well worth it!!
Shread and make beef sammies! wink.gif
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Don't know what a boneless beef rib is help me out. These grocery stores come up with fancy names to make money on cheap cuts.

This from Wikipedia. When I was in bussiness years ago, it was always flank steak. same thing goes for corned beef and pastrami, it was always a smoked briskit. Not anymore. The difference between top round and briskit is night and day.
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Beef chuck, short ribs, boneless. Pointers please!!

Beef chuck, short ribs, boneless
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Here is what Ive done a couple times. Smoke them till about 150 internal. at this point they are still red inside. then cut into ghunks and add to your favorite stew or soup recipie. Adds a nice smoke flavor to the stew. Also we have taken this medium rare meat and sliced thinly to add to salad. Too many vegatables without meat isnt good for ya!
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hard to call them ribs without bones, but I guess we have Country Style pork ribs, so why not.
I would marinate that in Mojo. It goes especially good with beef. Around 250º for smoker temp and I would go no more than 140º internal tops. Basically, how do you like your steaks?? Remember that beef does not need as long as pork. I shoot for medium rare. Beef ribs with bones, usually 3 1/2 to 4 hours tops.
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Is there ANYTHING you don't put in Mojo???
Let the natural flavor of the meat and smoke come thru once in a while!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif So there!!! wink.gif

Actually I use is very sparingly for fish or chicken. Beef is the best. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I only buy bone in country ribs. The bone keeps the meat moist. Ever hear the term "closer to the bone the sweeter the meat'

Well, thats another subject.icon_surprised.gif
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