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Finally Pics of Saturdays Big Smoke

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5:00 Am Starting the charcoal

5:45 On go 2 8# Boston Butts

10:30 Covered the Butts at 151*
12:15 6 slabs ribs and tips on

1:15 Butts off at 195*
4 chickens on

1:45 5# Pork Loin on

2:00 5# Prime Rib Roast on

4:00 80 Shrimp Jalapeno wrapped in bacon

4:15 Ribs off and resting
4:30 Chickens off and resting
5:00 Loin off
5:15 Prime rib roast off

Sorry about not having any pics of final cut products the crowd was a frenzy and the beverages were kicking in.
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Very nice and tasty looking, ambitious smoke for sure!
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Wow, that looks great. That's a bunch of food, thanks for sharing
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Kinda hard to ask folks to hang on a minute so you can take pics aint it!icon_smile.gif

I think you need some points. Hard to give em out this weekend cuz we are limited, and there are so very many good lookin smokes this weekend!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fine lookin vittles, mighty fine indeed!
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Nice Pics

Looks like no body went hungry!! looks pretty yummy too!!

Thanks for the pics!
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Thats alot of food and it all looks awesome.
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Gotta know the details on how our prepared the Prime Rib! Was it awesome?

Looks like you had a great time preparing the feast!

Thanks, CC
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thast a whirl wind of food. Lucky guests.
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I had never done a prime rib before so I always start very simple on something new and then try to improve on that. Everything was prepped the night before, the prime rib I rubbed down with olive oil and coated with a mixture of some boughten steak seasoning along with some garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper and then wrapped and in the frig. I took out of the frig about 30 min before it went on. Kept a very close monitor on the temp, took it to 123 degrees and then took off wrapped in foil and in cooler for 1 hour. Did not check temp again but it was perfect med-rare all the way through. The cut ended up being a little fatty but was very flavorful. Didn't have a lot of smoke flavor but all and all was a big hit.
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one heck of a smoke... looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great lookin smoke. looks like you had a good plan as all seemed to come off and with rest time all be served pretty much at once. great job and great planning!!!!
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I did try to have everything planned to be done close. I had a sheet layed out on my bar with times for meat to go on and est time I thought they might be done. Of course the friends all thought this was a little anal, of course until they started eating, lol. I do try to keep close records of everything that I do so next time I can remember especially after having a few.
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Very Nice, Gotta love holiday 3 day weekends. I'll give ya points if I can figure out how.
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What a great looking smoke! Awesome job, points for you!!!
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grrr... I feel your pain ;{)
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