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C S Ribs-Pig Candy /Q-View

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Threw on some country style ribs this morn. Never had them before. Wasn't sure how they would take. Heard anywhere from 3-6 hrs. Well here's the basics.Rub-Jeffs, Fuel-RO lump, Wood-Hickory chunks, Cooking temps-211-227, Internal temp-165, Time to cook-4 1/2 hrs on the nose. Wanted to try some pig candy but all I had was regular ol thin bacon. Coated them with cinn and sugar. Put them before I started to foil the ribs to rest. Took about 20 min. Good stuff!! Need to get the thicker bacon next and do it right.
Here's the start, smothered in mustard and coated with Jeffs rub.

After 1 hr

Done and ready to rest before the wife gets home
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Whats left of the pig candy. Only half made it into the house.

Had a problem with the wind. My stack kind of leans the way it was coming, so, had a piece of dryer vent left and took care of that.
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gotta love them country style ribs.......mmmmmm looks tasty !! great qview and the pig candy well whats left anyhow looks good too , and quick thinkin award for the slinky...awesome idea . looks like ya had a good day.....cheers !
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Those country style ribs looked awesome and really appreciate the specifics on how you smoked them, and to what temp. They're readily available in my neck of the woods and I've always wanted to try them.

Points for the q-vue and the stuff smoked!
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Looks great hope they were as good as mine were last night. Makes for a good cheap smoke.
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very nice, one of my favs... country style ribs....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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c/s ribs look great!! kudos
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Love those country style ribs. Great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice ribs. Looks tasty.
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wow those look good i might have to try that
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