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First Brisket (Update)

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First of all, thanx to those of you who responded to my question about charcoal vs hickory. My ultimate decision, hmmm, let me see. Do I stay up all night by myself to make sure that the temp stays where it should ...or should I pop the covered pan into the oven at 200 degrees and go pick on the wife in my comfy bed........ Hmmmm. Oh yea, that's a real toughy.
Took the brisket out at 10:00 am and went to the party. That's where the problem occured. Got out my Henckels and ran it over the steel a few times, then I started slicing....... Ain't gonna happen.... as the juices flowed freely from the wound that I had inflicted with the first cut, the brisket began to fall apart like a house of cards. It may not have been the prettiest sight, but everyone dove in and in a matter of a few minutes pretty well wiped out the better part of an 11 pound brisket.
I guess if I had to choose between nice neat slices and falling apart fork tender pieces, I'll go with the latter.

Hope you all are having a super Memorial Day holiday.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Keep on smokin,
Chuck aka seearekern
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Sounds like it came out good. You get any q-view?
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Sounds like the poor sole never had a chance to even look away for the camera!

Glad it turned out good.
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I'd sure rather fight to keep the brisket on the fork as fight to chew it. Great Job seearekern! Next time you gotta bring us some Q-view to drool over
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