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Memorial Day Ribs w/ Qview

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Despite the rain I started some ribs, ABT's, and a fatty today. Schnuck's supermarkets had trimmed spares w/ endmeat for $1.25/lb. Here's about an hour in.
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lookin good! your name is hitting home...i'm smoking out the nieghbors too lol they usually in the backyard pool on hoildays/sundays....but not today..hmmm wonder why? lol
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That is looking really good. Especially the ABT I really need to fire some of them on soon. Do you have two different types going? Is it just that one has bacon and the other doesn't or did you do something else?
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I had some left over hot sausage from omlettes this morning so I threw it on a few ABT's to see which one I like better.
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Let us know how they come out. They look rockin'!
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Everything looks good so far, especially the ABT boats!! The rub has a good color too. Hope the smoke is going well, despite the weather!
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Everything is almost done. Here's some more Q-view

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oh man, your killin' me. That is looking great.
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Finished product was great! Ribs pulled off the bone, ABT's were perfect, Fatty was awsome (Italian sausage stuffed with tortellini & mozerella w/ marinara to dip in).

Finished ribs & shrimp

Fatty & ABT's

Corn on the side.
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Nice job there Smokin' Great lookin ribs and shrimpies
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I can't decide on the bacon wraped ABT's ot the sausage stuffed. I think from now on I'll do both.
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very cool. I think next weekend I am going to throw some on. Maybe I'll try it both ways as well.
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great lookin spread, great qview as well great job!!!
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Make sure to pre cook the sausage some at least. It won't fully cook before the ABT is finished if you don't.
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Thanks for that info, I will make sure to do that. Did you just put some cream cheese and stuff some sausage on top?
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Exactly. I just kinda mashed it down into the cream cheese so it wouldn't fall off.
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Thanks Ken, I stole the tortellini fatty idea from you. The wife and kids loved it. Thanks.
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Sweet lookin smoke, Great Job!! Gonna have to try the shrimp!
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Food looks delicious!

How did you fit your smokestack mod on there and still have room for the warming rack? I couldn't close the lid with the warming rack on after I did my smokestack mod...
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It just fit on its own. I used 3" aluminum vent and bent it to contour the lid. It barely touched the warming rack in a small spot. I take out the rack if I do lots of ribs in upright racks, but like to use it for the more delicate foods like shrimp or ABT's. I've got some other good mods to share once I finish them all and take some pics. I fab'd a charcoal basket by bending some expanded metal and welding angle to fit the grate holders in the smoke box. It worked great Monday. I also am working on a baffle out of some heavy guage sheet. You can see it in some of the Q-View. I'll put out more details after I finish it.
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