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promised pics of smoke

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ok guys here they are. The turkey and pulled pork were excellent, esp the pork. The brisket had good flavor but was a bit tough. It was not the best brisket to start with but was edible. I rubbed all down night before and injected with my rub and apple juice mix. All there went nuts about the turkey and pork. I dont inject my briskets. Pecan was the wood.
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Rick, the pics of the q looked pretty good. Glad to hear two out of the three worked well for ya. Try again on the brisket smoke, did it get to a higher temp than necessary, thus resulting in it being chewy? Just my thought ...
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Looks great. I feel your pain on the brisket. I have had a hard time with them as well. I have had one real successful attempt at it but 3 others that have been tough, edible but tough. If you find the trick, let me know :D Once again great job on the grub and the q-view.
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about the brisket

Temp at the rack level was 216-220 but I did in the beginning blast the poultry to 275 for about 40 mins. Maybe that was it but the cut was not very high quality from the beginning. Usually ok on brisket but I dont usually do poultry at same time and cook long and low around 200-225 till internal temp around 185 without the blast of heat that I felt needed for the poultry.
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Glad your Loven the Lang Rick!

Wish I was there to help with leftovers!!!!

Brisket Omelettes!!! YUM
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Looks great.
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All looks good man. You know the best brisket I ever did was before I bought all the bells and whistles. Smoked said brisket by sight and smoker temp only. Since I have bought every aid know to man for smoking (almost) I cannot get a good brisket done. But we shall keep trying.
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smoking brisket

I am still new to this but I have smoked about 17 or 18 briskets in the last 6 months and people are begging me to fire my smoker up every day. I cook the brisket until it gets up to about 165-175 and then I cover it with foil and leave it on the smoker for another couple of hours. This seems to allow the juices in the pan to really soak into the meat and make them tender as can be. So far they have all turned out juicy and you need one heck of a sharp knife to cut them or they fall apart. I also inject them as well. Just a newbies thought on the subject.

Thanks RobbiePDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif If your not happy with the Brisket follow Dutch's "Basic Brisket Smoke" stickey thread under beef and it will come out juicey and tender.
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