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Hi & Thanks from a newbie

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I've been reading this forum for months now. Lots of great people and advise
on here so, I wanted to register and say Hey and introduce myself. I've got
two racks of beef ribs smoking right now. If they come out yummy it'll be
because of the stuff I've learned reading this forum.

Happy Memorial Day All! & Go Navy!!!
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nice to know you rick ..this is a great website i have learned alot myself and i have been smoking meat for about 10-12 years and there is stuff i didn't even know until i found this place..great info and great people no questions to dumb to ask...again nice to know ya and happy smoking
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bout time you 2 quit lurking and joined the fun-glad to have you and hope the smoke comes out great today.
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Welcome, you are in the right place.
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WElcome to the smf...........Glad you stopped lurking........
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Welcome to the SMF. I am glad you all came in from lurker land. I am trying to convince my Dad to do the same in Bixby - ha) As you know, this site will carry you through.
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Thank you

Thanks for the warm welcome! Great forum ya'll got here!
Just checked the ribs, the meat has pulled back from the ends of the bones about an inch and the bones pull apart pretty easy. Won't be long now.
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Welcome to the forum. It is a great place.
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If ya want to pay back the forum you can be a premier member for 15 dollars a year and support it.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to SMF folks! Enjoy and smoke on!
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Welcome aboard officially! I have 3 friends who smoke that I have been trying to get to join our gang. I give all the credit for my successful smokes to all the great people in here that are more than willing to help and share their tips and tricks on cranking out delicious BBQ!
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My support

If I didn't screw up the paypal sign up thing, then my $15 is on the way.
I'm sure the forum has already saved me more than that on meat that didn't have to be thrown away after I ruined it in a smoker.

Thanks again all!
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Welcome from the other coast!!
SMF is the greatest place for info on smoking and some other things too...
Everyone is friendly and is a great family to be a part of!
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Left over sauce

If ya have any sauce left over after a cookout try this.
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welcome this place is great if you like to make great eats..myself,still learnimng..only three smoke on my landmann, and all kinds of mods. alot cosmetic.but none the less mods.she is going into day for firebox mods.that should do it I hope.
then to try some recipes that I found here and there..
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Glad you decided to join. Dont for the Q-View. We want to see what your q-ing too.
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