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Lots of Meat on Today!

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Well, I'm diving right in today!
I've got 2 pork butts, a HUGE prime rib, and a gigantic fattie stuffed with shrooms, onion, peppers, and some cheese. Can't wait for this stuuf to get in my belly!
I will definately post some q-view photos after a bit.
Happy smoking and eating to all!
Happy Memorial Day, as well.PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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sounds like you are enjoying that thats a lot of food. you may need a life
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Good luck and may the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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Sounds like you'll have a hell of a feast and will be able to feed the neighborhood. Hope all comes out great for ya!
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The menu sounds great, you're in for a long smoke with those butts! Looking forward to the pics so the drooling can continue. biggrin.gif
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We're about 4 hrs into it.....a few more to go, but here's the "during photos. Enjoy!

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You got it goin on bud! That fatty is GYNORMOUS!
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The fattie is pretty damn good. Prime is resting q-view shall follow after I eat the sucker!

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Prime q-view

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YUMMY. great lookin smoke.
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Looks like it turned out really good snowcapn. You done good.
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Nice...real nice. And I sit here eating pizza.icon_frown.gif
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It all looks good but that PR is perfect!
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Nice job, got to do me one of those prime ribs.
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Excellent prime rib and fatty smoke! How did the butt turn out? I'm smelling points but need to see (or hear) about that butt! biggrin.gif
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If you have any left over my address is....

Nice qview
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