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First Brisket

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I am in the process of trying my first brisket. I have seared it as Oakie described, and have moved it to the smoker. I have turned it once and am just about ready to turn it again and cover it with foil. Question is: since it is covered, is there any reason to use hickory to maintain the heat? I am getting low on hickory, but I have plenty of lump charcoal.

Anyone out there able to help me out? icon_idea.gif

Chuck aka seearekern
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Well, I use an MES so I can't say for sure, but I doub't it. Temp is temp, don't worry about it.
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save the wood, use the lump!
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Really, once you foil it, there's no need to even keep it in the smoker. It ain't getting any more smoke, you're just goin for the heat. You can put it in the oven to finish. 'Course, it aint much fun sitting around the oven with a beer in hand....
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Yes, use what you got. I have the opposite problem, I have hickory every where!!!!! And lump is rare.
I usually finish in an oven.
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ever thought about mailing logs for dollars? Intended to be a joke, but check ebay - peolpe sell hickory for a ton of $$. Well, they advertise - dunno if they sell......
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yeah...chuck i agree once it's foiled no need to waiste good wood......use the lump up to finishPDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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