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Sunday Shoulder and Fatty

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I got a later start than I had planned, but I'm off tomorrow and will be up late anyway. I picked up a side burner for my CG and got it installed this morning. I think I'm gonna like it!
We'll have a late night breakfast (fatty) and have the pulled pork for lunch tomorrow. I slathered it up with mustard and then a good heavy coat of my rub. For the fatty I used some onions, mushrooms, a sharp cheddar and some pepper jack. I'll post more later tonight. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif


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sounds pretty darn good and looks even better. Plz post some pics of the finished, i'm gettin hungryPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin good Steve. We got a great weekend in Georgia to smoke too. Just gotdone myself, and I'm tempted to throw something else on now and pull an all-nighter. :-)
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Looks great.
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Looking good. let us know with more Qview.
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I pulled the fatty off at 8:00pm and let is rest and cool for about an hour. Just sliced it up....yum yum. biggrin.gif The shoulder is up to 180, I'm about to load the third basket of Kingsford, that should finish it. I'm getting 4+ hours per load. Temps have been holding between 250-220.


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Looking good.
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Here's a pic of the shoulder after I pulled it. It hit 200` at about 2am Monday morning, so I wrapped it up good and stuck it it a cooler and went to bed. I pulled it about 8am. I experimented this time and didn't foil it like I usually do. I let it go all the way to 200` just spraying with apple juice. It was a little drier than normal but still pulled easily. I made a finishing sauce and covered it and that helped alot. The neighbors were happy and that's all that matters.icon_smile.gif I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!


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Looks great Steve! Well done!
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Hi Steve,
Kingford lump? or briquettes??
I wish I could get 4 hours, I must be doing something wrong, I get like 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours then the temp drops low and I have to add more.....ARGH!!!
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I'm using briquettes. Are you using a charcoal basket? I'm using the one that everyone gets from Lowes, I think it's called a shaker basket or something.

I just sit mine on top of the grate in the firebox and fill it pretty full of unlit briquettes and pour about half a chimney of hot ones on top. I open the firebox vent wide open and after the whole basket is lit I close her up to about half. I usually give it a shake every hour or so to shake out the built up ash. Now the temp does spike up to about 260-270 when it's all burning but it will take about 4 hours to slowly fall to 200. Works great.

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