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Rolled first fatty

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Well, here it is a holiday weekend and TLW sez I can't grill or smoke anything else til we use up all the smoked and grilled stuff in the fridge. But, being new to this site, and reading the threads about a fatty got to me. A couple days ago, I thawed a chub of sausage to do a naked one for my first one. Then I got to readin more threads on fatties, and the gears started turning. Well I had few pounds of venison brats that I got from a friend that has to sell his farm due to a divorce. I grilled some of those brats awhile back, and they were as dry as a soda cracker. Tasted great but real dry. So the little light came on... roll it up in the fatty! Knowing I had to roll over 2lbs of meats, the gallon ziplok wouldn't work. So I used wax paper brushed with olive oil (outa the spray stuff). I cut the casings off the brats, and rolled them out thin. Then rolled the sausage, put the rolled brats on, put 2 mozzerella cheese sticks and sprinkled some cheddar and twisted that bad boy up. Put a good dusting of my homemade Carolina Butt Rub. Its smoking now for 30min. I'll post a pic when its done.

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Well, its done. I took it to 170deg internal, thinking that more grease would be rendered out. It looked good to me, with some cheese oozing out. Now for the Q-View.

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Nice job... Nothing like that first one! Soon enough you'll be back in the lab planning your next creation.
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Looks great. Way to improvise.
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Looks good to me! Good idea using the brats. There are so many ways to make a fatty and they're all good.
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Ewww, looks delicious. Good job. Wife had some this with 3 eggs and some Artisan bread.
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Looks good.
Pull it at 160 next time for a moister fatty! wink.gif
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Thanks for the info on olive oil in the wax paper. I will have to try that.
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With the cheeses, it was as moist as I could have wanted. I like sausage of this type, well done to render more grease. High blood pressure here, so I do all I can to make the ticker last longer.

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Really nice looking fatty! The venison sausage idea is perfect and looks like it's going to be tasty.
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spam reported , (used the triangle thing )hope I did that right.
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Great looking fatty.............Bet it was tasty.................
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I got 2 brats in the fridge that are a little dry. I'm going to freeze them for the next Fatty, good idea, thanks. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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