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My first rack

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Well one hour into my first rack I just had to peek.

Avg Chamber temp - 225 (Lump and Pecan)

I will let you know how they taste. This is dry run for Monday.

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Looks pretty good - nice rack!! Keep up the good smoke ...
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looks good. i just hope that your only feeding yourself cause that rack sure wouldn't last long around here
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Linescum... yep just me and the missus. 3 more and 2 chickens on Monday.
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Thanks Sumo!

I had the meat temp up to 164 degrees but it has slowly dropped to 161. Is this normal?

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looks awsome, dont forget the finished picsicon_smile.gif
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That's NOT a "dry run" it's a "test run" . That's live ammo in that smoker!
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They were tasty little guys... (Pics Attached)

Test run was a success. Thanks everyone!

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Actaully Rich, it isn't LIVE ammo. Well I hope not. LOL
Looks great. What Did you use for the rub?
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BB53... I used Adams Pork Rub. Not sure it was all that great but worked well for my first try. I will mix more brown sugar in on Monday.
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