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Longtime since posted or smoked anything.

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Hey all been a while. Have been really busy with the little one, work and my motorcycle.
Anyway Smoking some spares for Mothers and Brothers b-day.
Along with them are some scalloped taters(smoked), and smoked green beans.
Also have some ABT's stuffed with cream cheese, crab, shrimp, and green onion. Also have some seasonings in them.

Will post q-view as soon as I am able.
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sounds like a meal fit for any one's B-day..welcome back..
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Good to see you back!
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Nice to see classic members of the OTBS coming back to the SMF icon_smile.gif, look forward to chatting with ya, Alan! Lots of new faces here since you left but we're all friendly. Welcome back!
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Dang no kiddin DS everything goin' well? Good to see you. BTW I got a ticket the other day PM me if ya would..."Impeding traffic". Any input? Pist me right off.
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rich was ya sitting in yer lawn chair watchin the Wings play again!icon_smile.gif

Welcome back DS, I was just thinkin bout you this mornin when I was makin up the fatties for today. I was thinkin about doing a tutorial on how to fold them up, and give you the credit for it, cuz you were nice enough to PM me with the idea. I have since taken the technique a nother notch higher with the use of celophane after the gallon bags use is done.

So good to see you are doing well. I figured the lil one was keeping ya busy, not to mention that crime fighting stuff too!icon_smile.gif

Don't stay away so long, take care.
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Capt dan..great Idea. I get frustrated trying to fold and lift them my wife does that for me.. I let her roll em out then I add the inerds to it and she puts the top on and kneeds them together so it is hermaticlysealed.(is that spelled right ? where is the spell check?) they turn out great,
but a demo would be good..
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Well the neighbor has a big screen and with my trees and all... well, I hadda sit in the middle of the road to see it... Dang, that should be FINE for Stanley Cup
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Well, I got a couple pics but, thats about it.
Got to caught up in the partying and forgot to take pics.
Everything turned out good and was loved by all.

Some of the ribs and the taters.

More ribs

The beans.
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Look rich, he's got a wood block from the same store I got mine!

Good lookin grub ds!
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