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HELP!!! Temp is way toooo HOT!

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Hello, This is my first cook with a side fire box and the temp is 500 to 600 degress. I poured 12 ounces of water on the coals and it didn't drop the temp. Both vents are closed all the way. What the heck do I do? The charcoal is about half burned up and I haven't started cooking!
graybeard n GA.
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Try opening your stack up to let the heat out but keep the firebox vent closed. That has worked on my smoker today.
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call I would try to get a shovel and get some of the coals out and set them in a safe place are in another grill brought up next to it..good luck and be carefull thats hot..
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First, get that lid open and out the heat! Don't know why your fire is sooo Hot! they usually won't go up past about 350. I would for sure check your thermometers and make sure they are accurate. Another idea is to get rid of some of the coals. If your Temps are reading accurate you've got to get rid of some of the heat source. I'd remove at least half the coals and then shut down all your dampers. Let your temps stabilize and then go from there. Open vents, add charcoal remove coals, whatever you need to do to get that fire right. Good Luck!
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How do you expect the heat to escape with the exhaust closed?
Sounds like you started with WAY to much lit charcoal!
Minion method
Fire control
Read some of the info on Jeff's page about fire management.
Ask questions before you start....wink.gif
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Same as everyone has said ..... too much heat source.

Remove some coals, open the lid to lose the heat, close lid, leave chimney vent open ALWAYS when cooking biggrin.gif . Regulate temp with firebox vent and amount of fuel.

And def check your therm is right.

Good luck, keep us updated, and keep asking questions, is why we're here.
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I'm using the Char-Broil double door.
PS, about 45 minutes have passed and I'm at 400 on firebox side and 320 on the right side. I have about 3 inches of coals burning. I started with 11 pounds of charcoal about 2 hours ago. I'm now questioning the design of the smoker!
Thanks to you smoker friends for the quick help!!
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Sounds OK now eh? What everyone drop us a Roll Call Forum post and let us know what kind of smoker, etc...all the info we need to help ya again should you need it.

Welcome to SMF!
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