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Penguin memorial smoke!

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After last night butt whoppin by the Detroit Red Wings, I figured I'd dedicate this smoke to the memmory of the lowely penquins!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

It was real tough gettin up at 5 am, so I didn't!icon_smile.gif , fell out of bed at 5:45 and got the Lang warmed up, and the pork outta the fridge.
What a sweet morning it was turning out to be!

a lil TBS and some birds and a lil breeze, but not too shabby.

The usual suspects for a porkfest at our place. Butts and ribs!

this is soon after they went on at 6:30.( about 45 minutes into the smoke)

2 hrs later, they got some jumbo company!

3 fatties came to rest next to the other white meats!

and here are the last pics before the ribs got some aluminum armor!

I'll check back a lil later after the fatties are done, and the ribs are cut for lunch! I would imagine these butts will be getting their armor right about Race time, maybe a lil sooner!icon_smile.gif
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Good smokes

I figured it would be coming, but never thought it'd be from YOU! cool.gif <sigh> ... hope I can do a wings smoke after Monday night!!

Regardless, that's awesome looking grub you've got going. Love your rig and always enjoy the pics of it full of pretty meat!! biggrin.gif
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:: Looks about innocently ::

Hmmm what exactly are you implying, Ma'am? PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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As usual a fine job on them vittles cap!
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Looks good as always, Cap. After doing 6 racks in my ECB yesterday the real estate you have in that Lang is just great. (wind just bounces off it, too)
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Thanks, I feel like a lucky guy to have it. Doesn't talk back, or ask for too much either. I think she is a keeper!icon_smile.gif

Ribs just came off, and the first fatty is about ready. the butts are at 154 and 153, and have been there for about 45 minutes now.
The fatties are bob evans sausage, all 2 lb chubbs, 1 italian with pepperjack and rub, with bacon wrap, 1 regular BE with colby /Jack cheese and rub, wrapped in bacon, and 1 BE with pepper jack,with rub inside and out wrapped in bacon. The Butts were injected with 4 ozs. each of "shore lunch" brand Creole Rum Butter marinade. I got it at menards and have used it before, I like the taste/flavor of it alot. Rubbed with my usual butt rub(home made) and cap scored, and cooked scored cap up. Ribs had the same rub and were in the smoke for 2 1/2 hrs, foil for 1 1/2 hrs, and 1 hr back on the grate. All were rubbed last night, wrapped in celophane, and chilled.

Smoke was red oak and cherry today, temps ranged from 220-255.
Mop/spray was 1 part CM rum, 3 parts apple juice.

I think I covered everything for anyone who might be looking for the info. If I forgot, just mention it, or PM me.

I was gonna shape 1 of the fatties into a penquin, but the beak kept falling off!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Now, those are some serious vittles PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Could have used a toothpick or two... Might wanna wait for a couple games yet before you do da voodoo fatty tho eek.gif
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You could've laid a hockey stick next to that broken beak and no one would've thought anything about it icon_evil.gif Or you could do it "loaf" style and cut out the shape and run a hockey stick through it's head ...

Just some ideas - good lookin groceries though.
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LOLOL.......capt. bout the fattie/penguin remark..........i was going to say.......i don't see no penquin in that smoke..........wonder how they WOULD tasted smoked..............LOLOLOL
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probably like they played.........crappy!icon_smile.gif
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I think I have beaten that horse enough now, back to the smoke. Here are the fatties all done and ready for a lil rest.

cut it open! I'm hungry!

the ribs just before I took them off. The pic I had of them on the pan didn't turn out to good, and they are almost gone now. They were winners for sure, alot better than last weeks sam's club ribs.

Butts are at 163 and are lookin good and " barky". Gonna foil them at 170-175.

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MAN that wood block's been AROUND LOL! Great lookin' stuff...as usual Dan. <BOW to da Cap'tn>
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Rich - I wouldn't be implying the trash talk would come from YOU!! The hunky don't kick a gal while she's down .... at least ... yet ...

Excellent looking grub, I would've given huge props for the penguin look-a-like. I'm about to do some birds this evening and may do some ribbing on my own team.

And yes, they did play crappy and would've tasted crappy too ... I'm still bitter .. will need to smoke a fattie ...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Everything looks perfect. Good job.
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Butts were foiled at 174 and finished in the Lang(of course) cool.gif at 205 at the 11 hr mark. Pulled them both off together, one was 205, the other 203. Close enough, and probably the first time I have ever had 2 butts finish together. Gonna rest em for 2 hrs, then pull for sammies tomorrow.

I will try to get a pic of the pile and the bones, but you guys have seen plenty of PP before! Anxious to see how the creole rum butter turns out. I have used it in the past and was pleased, but that was 3-4 months ago, with fat cap down in the silver.icon_smile.gif
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I'm hugely curious about that creole rum butter .. mind posting that, or sending me a PM? Thanks!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Well Laurel, here is what the bottle looks like!

hey its backwards!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

and this is what the first pulled butt looked like after the pulling. The other looked just as good. Bone pulled out just like it looks, very good taste and I am extremely happy with the butts today!

Just for the hell of it, this is what I had my kids working on today. I am getting too old for this anymore, and we have to do it every 4-5 years. The paint for it alone is about 800 bucks!

just a hole in my yard that I throw my money into! 22 x 45, by 10 ft deep!
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and your address is.........?????

and the party is............???????????

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Looks good as usual Capt!!
You've really got that Lang nailed down, you pics are lookin first class too!

Fill in the pool and make a nice garden! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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