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? about smoke ring

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PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Has anyone try using some charcoal in there smoke pouch on a gas grill to get a smoke ring on there brisket.
Well today I’m going to see if it works.
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Have not heard of useing charcol, but many put wood chips/shaveings in a steel mini loaf bread pan.
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most things will smolder before flame like you are planning on should get a little smoke going..
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If you're wanting a smoke ring on the brisket, why not put some nice wood that will flavor the meat in the smoke pouch, rather than the charcoal?

We all try to achieve a decent smoke ring but you want to be sure it's a tasty smoke ring and not one filled with creoste, or any other nasty tasting stuff. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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was thinking of a mix of charcoal and hickory

Here the brisket smoke box on the left has charcoal and hickory chip

Here my better half waiting on the result of it.

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I do use a few briquettes in my smoker box on the grill, mostly for keeping the wood smoking. I don't like having the box directly on the burner, eats the wood too fast.

If your burning propane, that should get you the ring. Here is a link to Richtee's post about smoke rings.

"Most barbecuers use either wood chips or logs to generate smoke when cooking. Wood contains large amounts of nitrogen (N). During burning the nitrogen in the logs combines with oxygen (O) in the air to form nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Nitrogen dioxide is highly water-soluble. The pink ring is created when NO2 is absorbed into the moist meat surface and reacts to form nitrous acid. The nitrous acid then diffuses inward creating a pink ring via the classic meat curing reaction of sodium nitrite. The end result is a "smoke ring" that has the pink color of cured meat. Smoke ring also frequently develops in smokehouses and cookers that are gas-fired because NO2 is a combustion by-product when natural gas or propane is burned."

In an electric smoker...charcoal will help with the ring.
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DaveNH Thanks that was a great post that answer my ?. Thanks again
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I have used a charcoal briquette or two in my electric smoker and it will create a smoke ring however if I do not have any in there it will not create one.
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