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Another butt-QView in stages

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Its that time again!

Rub started with mustard and some chile sent to me by forum member Coyote.

ready for the fridge

I plan to light up about 4am, hopefully it quits raining by then!
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I have a nice clear sky over me, thank god, but it is a bit chilly. Dropping down into the 50s now.
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Looks real good MR PORKY. Can't wait for the finished Q-view!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can't wait till it hits the smoke so I can go back to bed biggrin.gif
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What's this sleep thing you speak of?
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Who's REALLY smokin it? Darn sleeper
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Meat looks good all rubbed down. Hope you have a successful and FUN smoke today! Keep us posted with the progress so we can continue to drool on ourselves! biggrin.gif
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Gettin there

About 3 hours worth!

I dunno, but when I woke up around 9 I found this:

I felt bad cause I slept on the couch thinking I wouldn't sleep longer than if I was in bed, but I go out see its almost time to foil. I took the time to get some more coals ready and by the time that was done the temp was dropping.

The temp went down to about 152 and held below 155 til about noon. Added more coals and wood at this point and the temp started to rise steadily since. I foiled about a 1/2 hour ago, and as I type its at 167.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Stay tuned......
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Ready for foil

Starting to pull

pulled. If you haven't already, Bear paws work wonders!
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Looks like your patience paid off Mr Porky. Great looking pulled pork and very nice smoke ring. I bet it is mighty tasty. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Sleep: A crutch for the weak. Darn fine looking PP ya go there Porky! Gotta get me some of them bear claws!
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