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Sunday Rib Smoke.

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Trimmed and pulled bout 30 pounds a spares fer a sunday smoke. Gonna be a family get tagether, inlaws is a comin and both boys are home. Havin ribs, cornbread corn, delicous potatoes and homemade corn bread fer the meal.

As usual yall gonna have ta wait fer the q-view!
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Tip, your smokes have always tempted me and now I'm giving in. I'm hoppin' in the truck and headin' to Iowa to have me some of that grub !! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

All of that sounds good and am definitely looking forward to some of the pics!
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Sounds like your going to have one happy family.
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Yall welcome anytime, just lets us know so we can have the motorhome plugged in fer the guest room!
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I NEED A BIGGER SMOKER! Even with the racks it was work gettin all them ribs in there! Gonna have ta get started on the big en real soon!
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I feel your pain, Tip, wish I had more room in mine at times and am considering getting something bigger, or making my own outta a x-gallon drum size (forget what they call them ... uds?).

Hope the smoke is going well, we've got great weather and I need to set off some TBS soon myself!!
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Sounds like you have a full smoker. Waiting for the pics..
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Things are windin down yall, will have q-view in just a bit with a platin picture as well.
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Here's the q-view!

Here's the ribs ready ta foil.

After an hour in the smoker and with my honey/butter glaze.

Here is the meal plated. Had corn bread corn, delicous potatoes and country corn bread with mollases on it.

Everybody was absolutely miserable after they finished up. Even had bout a rack leftover. That'll be a good lunch tammarraw!

Them rib racks worked really well, but, I just came ta the conclusion I need a bigger smoker fer jobs like this!
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OH MY WORD........thats awesome.
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Good lookin' eats! I'm stuffed myself and it still looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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looks real good Tip-glad all were happy.
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That honey butter glaze is a must-try for one of the two birds I've got in the fridge. Great looking ribs and awesome looking sides!! Nice work as always, Tip!
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No more points today but dayum that is real tasty looking. Where is that motorhome? biggrin.gif
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great lookin ribs tip!!!!
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Now ya know why every time someone asks about getting a new smoker, most advice to to be sure to get one bigger than ya need! LOL! Nice ribs there guy!
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Nice lookin smoke there tip. Sounds like all turned out well. Pretty fancy sauce layin, on the plate. When you do up another fatty you could call it a TIPERELLO LOL
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WC, might have ta use that idear fer caterin! Fresh and hot have a bite a fatty tiperello!
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