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Most choices by COYOTE below only make the ants move, and create another hill somewhere else in your yard ... except one.
If you light it, the gas burns off ... and doesn't have time to penetrate deep into the hill. Just pour gas, and leave it.
Next day, all ants are dead ... not just relocated.
Growing up in Louisiana, the fireant hills would be big enough to jump with our dirt bikes. The fire ants would kill our newborn calves.
Gas is expensive, but cheaper than the so-called fireant poison. It kills the grass, but it's worth getting rid of them.
I grew up fighting them (until I moved way up north to Arkansas). Haven't seen any in the ozarks in my 14 years living here.
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Bayer (yes, the same folks that make asprin) has a line of pestasides that are very effective against fire ants and any other insects and are still inviromentally friendly. Their "Suspend SC" is certified safe for use in hospitals, food processing facilities, and day cares. We use it where I work, I saw how well it controlled ants that I started using it at home years ago. Say good bye to fleas, ticks, termites, even carpenter ants. This stuff can applied as a diluted drench, a pump sprayer, or in a hose end sprayer. It works great and doesn't have much odor at all.
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I guess she was not fat enough..lol..
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My appologies, please forgive a newbie for posting. Just trying to help.
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Fire ant update

Every few weeks, the little boogers move back in. I figger I'd let them work for me. They do a good job of bringing soil in and keeping the bottom half of the pile stirred and aerated. So now when its gettin time to turn the pile, I'll put the granules out a few days beforehand. When they are all dead, I'll turn it without getting bit or stung.

Seeing how its a never ending cycle, and we have no shortage of them here. I'm just letting them work for me.

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