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Finally Got Temps Even!!

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Had some briquettes to get rid of so I decided to finish the mods on my SnP. Can't see the digital but the other 2 thermos have the same temps.

Put the dryer vent in. That helped allot.

The temps were still about 10-15* different from side to side. My baffle wasn't tight on the sides so I just tucked in some foil and that made all difference in the world. The temps stayed even on both sides.

Now if the storms will hold off Sun. the ribs will be on!
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Nice lookin' setup there! The dryer vent mod is interesting, good idea.

Hope you have that thing smoking soon!
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Thanks Laurel. Got the dryer vent idea from the forum here. Wouldn't have known where to start if it wasn't for everyone here at smf.
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dryer vent mod

I have been looking all over in here and cant find out how to attach the dryer vent to the smoke stake. I have the brinkman snp and i have alra=eady figured out i will hacve to take out the warming shelf but how do i get the vent to attach?
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The dryer vent was 3". Just a hair too big for my stack. So I just crimped it together a bit and shoved it in. Then came down through the top of the stack and pushed it against the side. Stays in and doesn't move. The bottom just sits on the lip of the door. And yes, the warmer shelf had to come out.
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easy enough

thanks for the help any advice on the best items to use to seal the edges and the rotisery ports to keep the heat and smoke in?
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lookin good daboys. I love to see some good mods on them offsets. I am a little concerned though about 1 thing. That rig ya got there is WAYYYYY to clean to be any good, best get to dirty'in it up some!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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The rotisery holes I just used the bottom of a foil pan that I just cut up. The sides I used that fiber glass fireplace rope (I think that's what it's called)
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Oh it doesn't look like that now. It gets used about twice a week, and the little electric once a week. The gasser just gets used to clean my grates.
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heataway fr

I added the dryer vent flipped over the bottom plate and did a test run to see what kind of heat i was getting. i have a thermometor that i used in the rotisery slot away from the fire box. the cheap thermometor only got to the low end of ideal and the real one only got to 210. i was using kingsferd briquets for the fuel. i have not found the fiberglass rope yetbut i should have had higher temps than what i was showing. any advice on what i did wrong.confused.gif
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