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How much will I need?

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Making Baby Backs for 8 people tommorrow. How much should I buy?
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All adults

and no other meat. plenty of sides.
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I think with no other meat a 1/2 rack ea. but have a little extra-just in case.
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Desertlites has it pegged.
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With my family, it's 1/2 rack for the ladies and a full rack of BBs for the guys. We like to eat biggrin.gif!
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I am a newbie

so how long should I figure at 150 to 180 degrees fo babybacks?
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I always use spares, figure 1/2 rack ea, then another full rack fer just incase, my daughter in law will see to it there ain't no left overs! I use 3-2-1 myself.
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The rule of thumb is 1.5 times what you think or calculate you need.
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If you have the option, call the place you're going to buy them before heading down there. Ask them if they'll cut you a deal for buying in bulk, that is, unless you are getting them from Sams or Costco.
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A half slab is good, get some chicken leg and thighs for backup they are cheap and you might have leftovers. Actually a 1/4 slab and a chicken 1/4 is a great combo. I served that in my restaurant and it was a hit.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!!
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I had rather err in the way of too much than too little. Also I agree with the chicken as second meat. 10#'s of thighs do not cost much and smoke up great. Just my .02 for what it is worth. Good luck!
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hmmm.if thats is all you are doing..enjoy the day and fill the cooking grates to capacity..send your friends home with a doggy bag..they will love ya for it.

But if they are great..might not be no doggy bag. give em
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