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New smoker

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Well with all the issues I am having with my CSSV I decided even if I get it fixed it doesn't hurt to have a backup. Also I couldn't resist the sale on Amazon so I thanked my girls this morning for the early father's Day present they bought for me (lol).

I am looking forward to using my new WSM which should be here early next week. Guess it's time to stock up on charcoal!
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Sweet! I still think it's too much for it, but yer gonna like it. Nothing like tendin' a fire.

Most everything I have smoked has been on mine, and it's served me well. You'll want a charcoal basket of course- it's a must-have.
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Like my Aussie friends say....Happy Day Mate!! I am sure you will put it to good use.biggrin.gif
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Ron, i hope i didn't have any influence on you getting a WSM, guarantee you'll like it. wished i would have got one sooner.

I wonder if they are dropping the price on them to make room for the 22" model that is rumoured to be hitting the market
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Hey Ron - big congrats on the new smoker! Nice gift from the girls, bet they were missing the yummy food as well icon_smile.gif

Really looking forward to the inaugural smoke on that thing, and what tasty treats you'll have on it!
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Yeah Buzz it's partially your fault, that way my wife can blame you!

I've been thinking about it for awhile, ever since the burner issues on my CCSV and the sale just nudged me in that direction.
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Your welcome Ron, the wife will like it as much as you do, now since you wont have to baby sit this one either, time for the honey do list to get caught up.
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Good luck w the new smoker. For some reason I bet you'll do quite well w it.
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Well since I'm ready to give up on my CCSV, see other thread, I guess I'll need to dive into learning about this new smoker. What kind of charcoal basket are you using Rich, and what's wrong with the standard one? Not enough air flow?
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Yup. I had 40 holes drilled in mine and STILL was not enough. I think the deal is... it's too spread out. A taller narrower basket with airflow all around...expanded metal... seems SOO much more efficient. I have not done the thermodynamic calcs...and doubt I could any more LOL... but- it's a winner. My basket is about 10"X10"X10" Holds around 3 lbs or so. 250-275 for a couple hours with a full load.
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Congrads on the new smoker.
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You don't use the "minion" method Rich?
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