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The Bishop has arrived!

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Hey everyone!
I have found this site to be everything I have been looking for as far as a friendly source of info re: all things smoke...

I have been enjoying the smoked BBQ style of cooking for altogether 12 years or so...
I have gone from R2D2 style bullet-smoker to large-grate grill. I am currently on a GAS eek.gif grill w/ smokebox,..
(but I look at the Food Network BBQ cookoffs, etc and man I gotta get me all that smoke! ~ I mean - gas is easy, lazy-q but the smokebox won't generate the volumes of smoke I crave....)

As a gift to myself for cleaning up the yard I'm rolling up a Brinkmann SnP, that should get it started in the right direction!

Here's looking to good fellowship and good eats!
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Hey Bishop, welcome to the site. I should start rewarding myself for yardwork, I like that idea.
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Hi from So Cal

A fellow foodnetwork bbq cookoff junkie!!
Yep that is what hooked me, my first attempt at smoke was a suckling pig 2 day smoke feast on an above ground homemade pit...
Darn that show!
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Bish, i like your reward system. I think i've been doing that also but never realized i was rewarding myself. I feel so much better after you put it in that perspective. You've made my day. Now i know what to tell wifey when see questions me next time.
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Welcome, you are in heaven here.
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welcome to de club..
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Welcome to the smf................
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