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Barrel Smoker Question

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I saw a picture of a barrel type smoker that someone posted on here a while back. It was a vertical smoker that had a "roof" type structure on it and a hand crank on the side that raised and lowered the cooking grates. I am just a backyard enthusiast that enjoys cooking for my family and friends. I have done small batches of babybacks, chicken, fish, and turkey. I currently own two Brinkmann smokers (charcoal and electric) and would like to get something a little bigger with more surface area. This smoker looked as though it would work out real good, but I haven't been able to get any information on it. I just completed a large, two door, smoker that we made out a SST bread proofer with my brother-in-law and wiill be adding some pics of that very soon. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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Johnson Smoker is what you are talking about. TJ did a review of them in one of the monthly news letters (Oct'07 I believe). Try looking it up in the search function.
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I checked out the newsletter and found the review. Any place to see pictures, or more information? I clicked the link, but it just took me to the PDF of the newletter (which didn't even have the Johnson smoker review)!
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