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Pork Butt Rest Question...

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Planning an 8lb'r this weekend to serve on Memorial Day. I want to smoke the butt ahead of time and reheat the day of in a crock pot with some finishing sauce. My question is, does it make much of a difference if I smoke the meat Saturday as opposed to Sunday? I have seen where a lot of smokers will smoke the day before, but haven't seen much on two days in advance. Not sure if sitting in the fridge 1 extra day would really mkae that much of a (negative) difference. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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No difference at all IMO.
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Should be fine. Add half the juice to it before chilling, as some will absorb into the meat- -use the balance to make the finish sauce.
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And store it airtight. Fridge will dry it out
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That's all I needed, thanks.
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Actually tastes better a couple days later!! wink.gif
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Definitely echo Bubba's comment. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for that 8#'er. I've smoked a few of them and have allowed myself no less than 12 hours for each of them, and that's not including the resting time.
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I also echo the day later tastes better. We eat it cold around here all the time.
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Most foods that involve spices, rubs and things that need to "mix" invariably always taste better the next day. The flavors, oils, volatiles etc. of the spices need time to mix and relax. Think about the last time you had leftover chili or stew. Always better the next day!
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