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Cushion Meat?

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Sam's Club has this in their meat case. I asked the butcher and he told me that it was a boned pork shoulder. Has anyone smoked any?

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I haven't seen it though. The peices don't look very big from what I can tell. If you decide to smoke some let us know the out come.
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Wish these folks would quit inventing names... similar to country ribs? Without the bone I guess? Smoke it!
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The "cushion" comes from the Pork Shoulder Picnic (or Arm), The picnic shoulder is more economical than the Boston Butt, but also contains more fat than the blade shoulder. When the bone and fat is trimmed from this
cut it results in a very rich flavored roast. The meat from this cut is excellent for making juicy barbecued pulled pork. The Picnic has a large bone and joint that runs through the middle of the roast, one side has a
large lean muscle...that is the "cushion". You can also slice and pound them for pork cutlets, stew meat, etc and use them in any chicken recipe.

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Sommagun. I just need to learn more butchering. Huh more cushion for the pulling?!?!
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LOL Good one.
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I think this is a wholesale packer name. The are all kind of names we dont hear of on the reatil scene.

How about a gooseneck? I can't remember what the #$# that was.
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so ron..........i see you have had your recipe published.........have you shared it with us yet, and i just missed it?
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I was just thinking the same thing....
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Thats the part that connects the handlebars to the bicycle frame.


+1 for sharing that recipe!
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I was thinking that too. what's the recipe?
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OK OK OK, icon_smile.gif I will try and scan it from the book, too lazy to type it out. Maybe tonight. Where would I post it?
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ahhhhh.............the recipe part of the forum?
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I''ll try and do it tonight. Scanner is funky.
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opps......my bad.............thats a link to"links to recipes" forum
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I smoked one of these before. I sent the Wife to get some pork shoulder, 6 of them. She came back with 4 pork butts and 2 cushion meat. I even told her to be carefull, as the cushion meat is in the same spot in the case. It is for sure the picnic. It was hammy, but came out OK. I ended up giving it to my wife's relatives.
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Is That bad?
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Not if you wanted ham, sucks for pulled pork, i'll guess it was enhanced?
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I fiinally scanned my recipe you can view it here with a little history.

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Not bad, but different. Much prefer the butt cutt.biggrin.gif
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