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4 days of smokin and drinkin

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Ah four days off to do a little relaxing. Going to start with a butt tomorrow morning with a few cold ones. Have to drink a few on friday so I will have a can for beer butt chicken on saturday. Sunday it will be a smoked meatloaf loaded with goodies. Monday it will be a combo of the leftovers. Of course there will be a few cold ones to wash it all down. Everyone have a great weekend.
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Saw the title of this post and one thing come to my mind........ GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!
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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

For people that had their last holiday in January (New Years Day) this weekend is a party to be had!! Looking forward to some q-vue of that tasty grub you'll be smoking up!
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Happy Memorial Day

Lets all remember our HEROS past and present in the armed forces this weekend during our AWESOME BBQ's made possible thanks to their DEDICATION, COURAGE AND LOVE of the GREATEST place on the face of the PLANET!
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Glad to bring the true meaning of the holiday back to the forefront. I echo Goddess in her statement.

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Roscoe, glad you are using your head. Drink the beer because you have to have the can for smoking. Makes perfect sense to me. My wife would question that idea but who said she was rational. Good smokes.
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Goddess, you're fast becoming one of my favorite posters! Well put!!!
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well said.
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I always like to plug in "Saving Private Ryan" and/or "Thin Red Line" on this holiday weekend to remind myself why we have it so good here. That is not to take away from any of our heroes in other wars. These are just 2 well made movies that I think honor our military and display the sacrifice.
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yes, coming from a military family. please keep them all in your prayers.
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Yes there will be a trip to Jefferson Barracks to honor our True American Heros.
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Memorial Day Q-Vue CHALLENGE!!

I am throwing the Gauntlet down!

I am challenging all you smokers out there and Lets see who can take the most Patriotic Q-VUE this weekend!!
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I'll see what I can do ms.
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We will make a trip to Jefferson Barracks to honor our True American Heros during the weekend.
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I will be on the road.....
A BIG Thank You to all veterans here....I appreciate you more than I can express hat's off to ya.
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I really don't have the right words so I'll just say Happy Memeorial Day and don't forget.
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Indeed ... A heartfelt THANK YOU not only to the troops (past and present) but to the families they have left behind. Our troops are the reason this country is so great and none of us should ever forget that, especially on this weekend
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Amen sister!cool.gif
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