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Near disaster for my ECB with pix!

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Just moments ago we had a big wind come up and knock a huge branch (about a 35 footer) off of an old alder in our back yard. It totaled the bird bath and a couple of feeders but missed my ECB by mere inches! Here are some pix. Looks like I will be cutting up some alder for the wood pile. I hear its good for smoking, so its not all bad news! that's my el-cheapo honkey charcoal grill in the foreground (ECHCG), a nice compliment to my ECB.

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Holy crap batman!

It is windy down here today also...but not quite that windy!!
I can't use alder it makes Cabana boy (my 15 year old) hurl...we used to go to my big brothers and he would always smoke with alder, ever time we left my kid was tossing his cookies...finally figured out it was the alder....
Whew! you dodged a bullet there!!
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WOOHOO! Free smokin wood!
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That was your ECB telling you something... USE ALDER! ;{)
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You always store your smoker in the woods?? lol biggrin.gif
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OMG BBQbubba ~
I spit riesling all over the key board, you are killing me smalls!
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Hey Bubba, I had to move the ECB to the back of my lot (the "woods") after some neighbor complaints on mothers day. I should take better care of it, I know, but what the heck, it's an ECB, right?
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Can't imagine a neighbor complaining about that lovely aroma coming from your smoker...confused.gif

Careful you don't lose that thing behind a bush!! (camo mod) biggrin.gif
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You got lucky my friend. Alder is really great with salmon, and some other stuff too.
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The BBQ Gods were looking out ya on that one.
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That tree didn't have the intestinal fortitude to knock over as fine of an instrument as an ECB!
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