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Thank You All

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A big thanks to you all who helped me find the pics of the chimney extension for my smoke n' pit. Took the photo print-out and my chimney's base to the neighborhood muffler shop and Mr. Glenn had me fixed up within 15 minutes! I asked for stainless, but he didn't have any. Ended up with aluminized steel pipe, same as my wife's new GMC exhaust. Thanks again for the help folks, I am excited about my latest mod!
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Can't wait to see some pics of your unit with the new mod..............
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Aluminized steel is what my muffler guy called it too. I'd never heard of it before but then I am not in the metal biz. wink.gif

You're probably glad he didn't have stainless. It would have been a lot more expensive. icon_smile.gif

Have fun with your smoker!!

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