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Hello From the Detroit Suburbs

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Hello, My name is Dave
I live in the northwestern detroit suburbs
I have a Chargriller with side car I bought about 3 weeks ago.
I have 1 smoking under my belt, beef ribs
Turned out pretty good, except the thermometer on the chargriller was WAY OFF, when i put in an electric thermometer with a cord it was about 50 degrees different laying on the grill rack, only about 20 degrees different when haning below the grill.

Any hints or help is very appreciated.
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Hi Dave, and welcome to the SMF. Consider investing in some aftermarket therms, then test them in boiling water to see how they do. Water boils at 212, but consider elevation.
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Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. I'm from just down the road a piece in Maumee Oh near Toledo. Lota good people here and plenty of answers to any questions you might have, just ask away. For sure take the free 5 day E-course. Its helped many people get started including myself.

The fact that you're hear means you're hooked on smoking meat. There's no way out now! LOL

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Thanks for the advice on the thermometer,
I have another post about grill space/bitting off more than I can chew
Do you think I can do beef ribs a brisket and a turkey breast on a Chargriller silver pro?
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welcome dave. lots of help here.
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Well , UH Yeah!, but ya got to do yer homework for a spell first. You'll get there.

Don't put the therm probe on the grill surface, it will give you a false reading. Metal conducts heat differently. Stick it in a spud or a block of wood like I do, make sure the end sticks out at least an inch or more.

The good folks here and their wonderful advise will get you very far in your quest to do multiple meats at the same time!
Good luck, and have some fun while you learn!
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I almost forgot, great to have another Wings Fan here!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hia Dave welcome to SMF. I'm in Oakland County...nice to have another 'Gander in the ranks! Enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the forum. I'm a Hoser from Windsor. Glad to see you joined us.
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Welcome to the site....................Lots of mods for your unit here...............
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Welcome to the board. More wings fans can't hurt and besides you will get to see all the great food that has been prepared to boot.
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If I stick the thermometer in a potato, can I use the same potato the entire time?
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Technically, you stick it THRU the potato. An inch and a half or so out the other side. And yeah it'll last for the length of the smoke.
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Dave - Welcome from a western Detroit suburb. Glad to have you.
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Welcome to the forum Dave, glad to have you aboard.
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great thanks,
stupid question but, any kind of potato?
yukon gold?
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LOL don't do a Redskin...the ACLU will be all over yer butt!
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Welcome Dave, glad we have another Michigan member on board. Im in Macomb. By count, I think we have enough for a 5th line or a line to drink the 5th.
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