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Need suggestions.........

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What goes well with smoked trout? I am making some stuffing that is awesome,(got recipe from a stuffed trout recipe, that the stuffing turned out better than the fish) So we got trout and stuffing, what else goes well with that?
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You're from AR ... you should know that a pot of pinto beans and fried taters go with any fish meal!!!!
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Steamed asparragus with coarse sea salt, hot yeast bread and a bottle of chilled, heavily oaked chardonnay.
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BEER. Nough said........PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Im with Rivet, however I would grill my "sparagus, I use my grill pan, slather with OO, sea salt and pepper....YUM easy and so tastey...
Asparagus is still to high out here...waiting for it to come down in $$
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Didnt even think about that. These aint "normal" fish they's fish from up in your neck of the woods. LOL
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Not big on Asparagus or wine ( at least not wine that has anything other than a twist top LOL) Which flavor of Boones Farm would that most resemble? Thanks for the suggestions everyone. thinkin beans and taters all the way. And Crewdawg there WILL BE BEER
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rice pilaf
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Been to the White River, huh? I haven't been yet this spring, but I imagine it's up high, since Table Rock and Bull Shoals Dams are running strong.
Good luck with the trout!!!
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Boss and his wife caught em on the N Fork. I not big on fishing, but have plans take my boys fishing either up there or over Gore
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smoke stuffed dove breast with some venison medalions ajous..

get a little land, air and sea going on..
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Dont have any dove left ( they dont last long around my house) but I like your way o'thinkin
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Smoked trout is meant to be eaten as an appetizer with cheese, crackers and your favorite beverage. My wife and I have had that in itself as a light meal.
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