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Fake Ham

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i was given this awhile back, and am going to smoke it this weekend..........

its a LEAN ham, whatever that is......label also mentions it has ground ham added..........yuk, but want to get it used up..........also has 30% solution added, so its water logged.............any ideas on how to approach smoking this?

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I don't know maybe poke some holes in it for smoke penetration, or maybe score it add mustard slather and rub. Does it look like it may have one of those edible plastic coatings on it? H#%ll with it, if it's smoked it will have to be good.
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I'd treat it like bologna ... yes, just score it.
I'd go easy on the salt in the rub, though. I'm sure the solution added to it may have salt in it.
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Its just a ham loaf! Parts is parts!icon_smile.gif Pretty much like deli ham, boiled ya know?

I would doubt you'll get much smoke into it, without cutting it into smaller peices, but that would dry it out alot too.

I would be carefull about scoring or taking the casing off and then cooking it. It may fall apart!

Chopp it into 1/2 inch chunks and stuff some fatties with it and cheese!

Deviled ham sandwiches.

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it sez, its been hickory smoked........but i wanted to add somemore smoke to it......nothing else, i will just smoke it up to internal serving temps
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Make sure you post a pic, or else we won't believe ya!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Smoking whole would be about useless. Slice into ham steaks, rub and smoke. Should be pretty good like that!
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I'd score it, add some mustard and your favorite rub.
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hollow it out and smoke the inerds, make a big ham fattie out of the rest.and use the smoked inerds for a ham salad..enjoy with copious amount of ice cold beer..
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