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Hello from Georgia!

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Hi all! I got tired of watching my neighbor turn out some incredible meats with his little electric smoker, so I've been browsing around here and took the plunge on the GOSM (wide-body version). I just got it assembled last night and unfortunately I won't be in town this weekend to try it out, so it'll be another week or so before I get to do my first smoke on it :(

I'm dying to do a fatty, and I've seen some pics of people rolling their fatties and smoking them, but I haven't seen anything on ideal temps, suggestions, and etc on them. Can anyone clue me in? Thanks for the input and I'll see yall around!

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Welcome to the SMF Jeff!! Take the fatties to about 160.
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Thanks for the welcome! I've been digging around the site a little more and found someone mentioning 160 as being ideal for a fatty. I'm dying to try it! Should be plenty of Q-view too... I'm something of an amateur photographer, so smoking the meat will be just as fun as documenting it!
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Welcome to SMF. The 160 degree temp is the internal temp of the fatty. the smoker temp should be 230- 250 F. Plenty of good folks here to assist you on your journey into the addiction of smoke cooking. Ask all the questions you want
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Welcome tot he SMF, a place to share good times and Q too! A fatty will usually be done when it hits around 160, smoke it at 225 if possible. Enjoy!
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welcome to de club..smoke em if ya got em..
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Hey Jeff dive in there. This forum has great ideas and methods of smoking. Good luck. Send that smoke his way.
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Glad you're with us at SMF, Jeff. Looking forward to the q-vue of your 1st fatty!

Friendly reminder - don't forget to season your smoker before cooking something in it! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Thanks for the heads up on that. I was just looking into how to do that when I came back here and saw your reply. I'm thinking just coat the inside w/ oil and let it run for a while with some wood in the box and water in the pan?

EDIT - Actually, I looked around and found that I should clean the smoker with warm soapy water before anything, so that's what I did first, then I oiled her down, threw some wood and water in and fired her up! She's going to work as we speak :)
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Welcome to the smf....................Fatties are the bomb................Once you try one you will be hooked............
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Time and Temp chart

Hey Jeff...

You can pull a good T&T chart from this link:

You may have to copy/paste the link in to your browser.

I can't take any credit for creating it. I found it floating out in the ether and thought it was worth sharing.
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Welcome to the SMF! Fatties are one of my fave things to smoke and I usually
bring them to 160-165 also. Once you do one you will be addicted, there are so many different combinations of "fillings" you can stuff 'em with.

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Welcome to the forum Jeff! smile.gif
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