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BBB is done!

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Rubbed it with the High Mountain cure 10 days ago, soaked and rinsed for about 3 hrs and let dry in fridge...

By imn88fan

Per Thirdeye's directions, cooked at 180 for the first hour, added hickory chunks and ramped up to 200*.
Surprisingly enough, the drum held temp fairly easily...

By imn88fan

Smoked till internal was 155*, threw on a Italian sausage fatty to break up into spaghetti sauce later in the week...

Will be slicing tomorrow for breakfast, i can't wait!!
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Man that looks gooooooooooooood! Would love to see some sliced q-view!
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Soooo. Uh, what time is breakfast ole buddy , ole pal, !

Would love to be there for the first few slices off the pan!

Make sure you at least bring about some" death by drooling" pics tomarrow!
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Looks mighty tasty Bubba!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You got it!! wink.gif
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Congrats on a great smoke and Q View to boot! Well done Bubba.
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good lookin bacon bubba. mine go into smoke Saturday.
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Nice, Bubba... Hmmm never tried the fatty/sauce thing. Might give that a whirl!
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Nice Q, Bubba.
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Well Farker.........It's breakfast time.
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yea yea yea, lets see!!!! Great lookin outside, whats on the inside????

Got us droolin for sure!
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Sorry, was playing Sheeny man this mornin, sliced thin into a pan....

By imn88fan

By imn88fan

By imn88fan

OMG!!! If you haven't tried this yet, you are missing out!
I will never buy bacon again, the salt was just right and the hickory flavor was incredible!!
Just pulled out 2 more butts to rub, can see right now this won't stay in the house to long!

Thank's Tonto for the hook-up and thanks Thirdeye for the step by step process...

BBB rules!!
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NICE smoke, that looks tasty...... And a Fatty in sauce is REAL good....
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A BBB is a boneless Boston butt? Boston Butt bacon? Would LOVE to get that step by step! Looks GREAT!!!
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Buckboard Bacon...........but yeah it is all of the above that you listed also.
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DAYUM!! that sure looks tasty. I would love a half dozen slices of that ! I guess I am gonna hafta git that recipe from ya bubba. Holy Christmas!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great bubba. Wishin I had some for lunch right now....LOL
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Bubba you done good.
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Now that looks tasty! Would you be kind enough to post a link to the step by step instructions? I think I will try this next.

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That's actually Buckboard Bacon =BBB. But yeah it's made from butt. I prefer to use pork bellies but Boston butt makes a great bacon too, and its sure easier to get your hands on. If you look in the bacon forum I have a sticky on making bacon step by step and it works just great with butt. Once you try it yourself you'll never buy commercial bacon again.
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