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Hola from Panama City Florida

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New to the forums, but not necessarily new to smokin'. However, I came here to learn, so teach on!

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Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place. May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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Welcome! If it's learnin' you want, you came to the right place.biggrin.gif
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You found the greatest smoking site around..............Welcome aboard...................
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Just make sure you keep a notebook and pen handy ... because you'll always get good ideas and tips on this site!!!!
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Yeah Man! Use that little search button! I have so many threads saved for referencing, I had to make a new favorites folder.
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Hola chico, welcome to the SMF. You'll find plenty of great advise by reading the different forums. Looking forward to your next smoke... pulled pork sandwiches anyone?
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welcome, Do they still have a mile of shops and amusement parks right through the city there? Great place to learn you just hit the jackpot.
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Welcome to SMF...what kind of smoker ya sporting? Enjoy!
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Welcome PC. Loads of info here. Good luck.
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Beach has changed ALOT since you were last here. Both amusment parks are gone, and only the waterpark remains. Miles and miles of highrise condos replaced alot, but the shops remain.
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PC - welcome to SMF. I'm on the east coast of FL, south of Daytona Beach and know of the destruction up there. Hope we are lucky this hurricane season.

Look forward to reading your future posts and q-vue!
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Welcome aboard, lots of good folks here.
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Glad to have you here
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