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Myself and I am sure a lot of others look for the most viewed things here and I find myself having to ask where they are by posting to find them, most of the things I look for are like Dutch's wicked good baked beans , pulled pork and 3-2-1 method that have already been asked about so many times they have been made into a sticky post but where to find them, don't try to search "sticky" that brings back way too many posts Maybe it is all ready here but I cant find a way to search for most popular postings. Maybe I am too slow on the uptake but I cant find a simple solution
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The stickys are located under each forum heading to which they apply:

As an example Dutch's bean Recipe is found other the Side Dish forum.

Click on the forums link at the top of the page and click on the topic you are interested in; Beef, poultry, cheese etc. The sticky are the first few or more entries on that topic.
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There they are, Hey thanks you just made my life easier
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