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brining question

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I have a question... As I am not experienced with brining much stuff, can you leave birds in too long? and if so, how long is too long?
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I'm not much of an expert but when I brined some chicken I had it in the brining solution for about 14-16 hours and it seemed to be fine. All came out great. I followed the instructions from on the page here

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i always brine whole birds.....chickens and turkeys for 24 hours................1/4's 12 hours...........if for some reason, you can't smoke immediatly after brining........just either refridge, or freeze........i have had to do both before.................just rinse well before either
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thanks dude. I was wondering if any more than 24hrs or so would make it too salty or whatever. contamination of sorts? sounds like the max then. thanks again
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some birds.........turkey's more often, have a brine already in there.............so you need to check the wrapper, to see if there was any "ADDED" crap, to the bird..........you will need to soak before hand to remove most of the salt............then the brine, use 1/2 the amount of the salt you would normally use.....
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Steve - good information as always. I'm looking to add a smoked turkey to my smoke portfolio and knowing this helps. Thanks!
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yeah laural-li...........i soaked for 48 hours......tho it was a 19 lb bird...........then drain well............then brine...............AND inject with the brine..............you won't be dissappointed
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I remember that 19lb bird ... sesame street fans are still looking for the big yellow guy ... eek.gif
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laurel.......i got big birds brother in the freezer...............hehehe
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I've gone as long as 24 hrs. without any noticeable difference. Be sure you rinse the chics well before you smoke them.
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Do you have to brine chicken? whole or quarters?
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My $.02 -

I personally do not brine anything. It adds a lot of salt, which I do not need.
I'm not all that impressed with the flavor either.
When smoking poultry I apply a bit of rub, insert a probe, and smoke to 180°F.
It always turns out really moist with juices running out of the meat and has very nicely cooked skin, not rubbery and not hard.
I get nothing but raves using that method.
But that's just me.
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I have always brined whole birds for 12 hours...I brine pieces, such as thighs I brine about 4 hours with great success.

The only bad experience I have had with brining was my first ever experience with brine. I brined a bunch of chicken thighs for 12 hours & smoked them. When we ate them they had a salty flavor. I'm sure that you've heard the expression "it tastes like chicken"? Well after my wife ate a few bites she said I had invented a way to make chicken taste like something else...she said it tastes like ham. It was funny, but not at the moment. It was like a salt cured ham!! Since them I have never had any problems at all. I have smoked tons of chicken and it has always turned out good, but when I started brining it took my smoked chicks to a whole new level.

Except for my first ever attempt I have never had a problem with salty tasting Q...I love it & what it does to poultry.
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that's usually how I do also mike. I make sure and pull the skin away from the meat and rub the meat. then put the skin back on. you know, get the seasoning between the meat and skin. seems to keep it moist, and you get better flavor penetration. maybe it's just me. in my head. but it works. this weekend is going to be fun.
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now let me ask, has anyone ever bined any other meats? besides poultry? say ribs or anything?
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Nope...I have only brined chicken & turkey.
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Ya don't have ta brine, I always do, nice way ta add extra flavor. Cut back the salt some ifin ya like. I inject my birds to.

As fer other things, canadian bacon and I did country style ribs. Ribs was ok, don't think it was needed though.
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Yeah…if ya brine em too much, the meat starts to get a bit spongy (mushy), not crazy about that texture! I never go more than 24 on poultry, unless you got a honker of a turkey!
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12 hours for my turkeys, only had a marginal result one time when I cut the bird in half and the brine and pump leaked out. When I did the other half, I wrarpped the cut side with foil and it was ok. This was in the oven last year before I got my smoker.
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Long time no see :{)
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