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Well my day today

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Today my day consists of smoking 2 whole chickens beer can style and my first attempt at abt's and have some wings to do also.. I plan to do the wings and abt's on the grill.Since this is my first attempt at them is that passable?

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it's possible, just watch flare ups from the bacon grease. my .02
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it is possibble, use indirect heat and put alum drip pan to catch drippings. have had good sucess like this with beer can can chicken,ribs, etc. before i converted. lol
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thanks for the pointers. The whole chickens are about to go in but i have to put wings on the grill as my upper shelf isnt high enough to allow the chicks room
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As of right now I have the abt's on indirect heat and they are coming along well. Also the full birds are at internal of 137 and been on for about 2 hours
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Mick - sounds like a nice meal you're fixin'. I'll be by your place around .... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Laurel, I'll meet you there! biggrin.gif
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Images Added

ANother shot of wings and ABT's

Yeh I like my wings blackish :)

Here are the 2 birds. The one on right i covered in honey mustard to see how it goes. One on left was Already seasoned
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Mick - that q-vue has me salivating!!! I'm picking up CinnKC and we're on our way!! PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Well i just had one of the wings and man the are good. I covered them in a BBQ sauce then wehn cooking i sprinkled them with the dry rub i used onthe butts.Mmmmmm
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another q-vue

Here is my first attempt at abt's. I cut the peppers in half
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Everything looks real tastey Mick-how did u like the ABT'S?man i love them things & the wings look good also-great job-points to u.
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I am loving the ABT's. The kid loves the wings and I am getting ready to pulling the birds fromt he smoker now. I am so stuffed from eating wings and abt's dunno if i can eat any of the chicken
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Mick, Thats great. It all looks inviting. If you didn't live so far away I'ld be over for dinner.
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