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Greenhorns successful voyage!

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Thanks to everyone who gave me great tips, recipes and advice for the maiden voyage of my new brinkman offset smoker! I did a babyback rack, a sparerib rack and a 7lb pork butt for some really tasty pulled sangies! everyone loved the food and left full which is all I could ask for.

Ritchie, that finishing sauce was amazing and I'll definately use that next time! havent figured out how to get pics on here yet but am trying... got some error codes and tried to resize but its not working yet... I only got a few pics because my camera is busted but my uncle had his and let me snap a few.


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Yer welcome Scruff...glad it was a hit! Smoke on, bro!
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Scruffer , glad things werked out for ya PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and welcome to the forum !!
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Glad to hear your smoke turned out awesome. Keep up the great work.
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Scruffer....Congrats on your first smoke. Glad everything went well and it tasted good. I'm sure you are already planning your next smoke.

Good Job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Happy Smokin

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Careful Scruff, them friends of yours will be hanging around a bunch now. Tell them to bring meat and beer and leave everything to you. Glad you had success.
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Welcome aboard Scruff......................Welcome to the family.............
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Great advice! Congrats on your successful maiden voyage
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LOL! you are sooo right! it would be free for me and they would be full and half in the bag by the end of the smoke...
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