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Hello from Nashville!!!!!

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Seen the post by Rich about the newbies, so when he said hockey i had to post. I been in Nashville for 5 yrs , orginally from Louisville Ky. Been smoking meat for about 2 yrs . Have a Char-griller w/sfb, and a Brinkmann gourmet charcoal smoker. I smoke mainly butts and shoulders,occasionaly i do ribs. For rub i use a recipe i got off the web thats attributed to the q team of madd moma and the kid. Oh yeah , my fav hockey team is the Nashville Predators. lol Just wait till next year !!!
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We'll be waiting Meat... ;{) Welcome to SMF! Good to see a fan base in the South...altho I think it's an uphill battle down there. You guys got a good team! Keep reading and if ya can't find an answer, post it. Bet ya have one within a couple hours here!

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HEHEHEHE I'm at work , I'm waiting on someone to change a motor so i can do my work so i'm working real hard at the moment. Yeah rich we had a good team this year , and it was a pleasant suprise considering all the talent we let go last summer . be we got the new ownership in place and they say they're gonna spend the money , so i guess we'll have to wait and see. Did i mention I'm also a season ticket holder in section 303. lol
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Welcome the the SMF.. Good smoking to follow

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Howdy Meatball, glad to have another smokin hockey fan aboard. Need to get down that way and visit my bro in law in Columbia.
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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome meatball, glad to have you
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Welcome bro! Live in Mt Juliet here...good to see a fellow tennessean on these boards! They are great and will guide you on your path to smoking greatness!!

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Thank you all for the welcome. Brent your not too far from me , I'm in hermitage about 100yds for the wilson co line.
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Welcome to the forum meatballtn , good to have ya !!
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Glad to have you with us, Meatball. I've been to Nashville once and loved it!! You guys have some really good Q there too ....

Nashville Predators - not a bad hockey team. Nice venue!!
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Welcome to the forum MeatBalltn
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Welcome Meatball. Nashville is a cool town.
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Welcome!!! just down the road from ya a
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Welcome to the smf..........................Glad to have you here................
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Well, well. we are very close indeed. I live off of Nonaville road. We are prolly 5 minutes from each other. Hopefully, we can help each other from time to time with the shared knowledge that we will and do posess.
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