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howdie all!!

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I am from northern Minnesota and have done a little smoken'. Mainly turkey and a few trout, on my little Brinkman. I just picked up an old fridge (1950's vintage) and need to find some stainless grates (15"x23"). Also what is a good electric hot plate to use? JUST LEARNEN!!
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Welcome to the SMF Hogger!! I picked up a 1000 watt hot plate at my local Ace for about $8.
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Heya Welcome Hogger! Stainless IS nice..but not required. Carbon expanded metal is fine...just be sure to season it and keep it seasoned...won't rust then. Enjoy~!
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Mmmm...smoked trout sounds really good hogger.. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your Qviews.smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to SMF. You will find all the smoking help here that you will ever need. you might want to take the free 5 day course.
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