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Twist one up???????????

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Did some BB ribs and a fatty for a party at some friends on the lake Saturday. Used the Charbroil Silver Smoker as I'm trying to gain experience using wood as the fuel. Used a mixture of oak and cherry. this is a pic a couple hours into the smoke.

The fatty was Italian sausage, shroom, peppers, onions, and mozz. The people having the party are Italian so........

This is the interesting part. I now understand how a fatty got its name. I used lined white butcher paper to roll in and when twisting the end in to seal it guess what I had sitting on my counter? Yep, a fatty!!!!!!!

And a big one!

I'm guessing that whoever invented the fatty must have done the same thing!eek.gif

Didn't get any shot of the finished product as I was running late and they were hungry but turned out fairly well.

Still gotta get use to wood. I think I may have loaded the fire box up too much with coals and choked the fire as temps were not as high as the trial runs I did. Can't wait to try again.
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LMAO, that is a splif man!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif . Good lookin vittles, that fatty had to be awesome!
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Holy CRAP, Batman! Cheech and Chong would be proud!
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tee hee..

This reminds me of the thread not long ago where someone was requesting that we change the name of the fatty after his daughter went to school and said that her dad had smoked a fatty over the weekend.!
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You've inspired me to try my hand at a fatty!!! That looks good.
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Twist one up......I laughed so hard I dropped my lighter!!biggrin.gif
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So does this mean a small fatty left over is a roach?cool.gif
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Looks like th King of Doobie's.
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Better roll that fatty up on a frisbee, so you don't lose anything. Man did that bring back some old, old, memories. I about spit my my soda on the screen when I saw that rolled up fatty.
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Next time try some Jamaican sausage hahaha
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Looks great. Nice touch with the rolling paper. I didn't know they made them that big. LOL
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What yall light that with a blow torch!
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Cheech and Chong should be along anytime now. Nice looking fatty. Brings back many memories.
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Left over fatty? Never had that happen, I'm usually doin good to get a bite before its gone
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I wonder what its laced with.....er...ah....stuff with. hahahaha
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That's funny!!!!! You posted on the right forum we liked to call them a "HOG LEG" when there that big......memories!!!!!!
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I'm surprised that Fred420 hasn't replied to this thread yet.

Anyone remember Sister Mary Elephant? "Young man give me that knife" Classic!
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Anyone remember Sister Mary Elephant? "Young man give me that knife" Classic![/quote]
Class.....CLASS.....SHUT UUUUUUPPP!!!!!
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thank you

Damn I'm gonna have to listen to that album now.
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This stuff can give you brain damage =p

Led Zeppelinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!biggrin.gif

Nice lookin chowPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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