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New Smoker !!

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Hi Guys just a quick hello from a new smoker in the South West uk. Thanks for the howdy Rich.
Been smoking for about a month on a pro q and love it. Doing stupid hours in the morning just me the hound and a bottle of Jack D, what could be better in life !!!!

Thanks for all the advice and tips a good to listen to some great smokers. Hoping to get over to attend some events to see how the experts do it.

Thanks for Making me welcome.

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Awww..lookie that! A man and his smoker! LOL...Love the grin! Yer hooked deep in the gills Bloxer, might as well accept it and pour me a shot while yer at it ;{)

Yeah crap it's late there already eh? Ah well...anything for smoked meat!
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Nice, shiny, black beauty of a rig there! Looking forward to seeing the smokes that thing produces. Congrats!
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Welcome to the forum and the other side of the pond!
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Welcome to the forum from Oklahoma....looking forward to your Qviews and
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Welcome to the SMF! Love the smoker....saw some info on them a while back....they're not readily available on this side of the pond, but do look like they'd give the WSM a run for it's money!!.....and "modular" to boot!!

Glad you found us here, and ask all the questions you is always close by here....PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif

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Welcome from Arizona Bloxer-glad you found us-can't wait for Q-view.
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Awesome, from across the pond!!
Welcome mate!
Can you smoke a banger???? YUM
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welcome, nice to have ya.... look forward to your post.
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Welcome to the smf.................Very nice to meet you...............Nice looking smoker you got there......................
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Howdy Bloxer. Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF from So. Cal.
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