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Hello from Houston, Texas

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Hi everyone. My name is Cameron. I recently bought a Brinkmann Gourmet charcoal smoker and have been through two smoking "sessions", one turkey and 2 chickens. I have a ton to learn and these forums and website have been very helpful.

I have already put a "real" thermometer on the lid but I see a few other mods I would like to make.

Also, I am a huge hockey fan (which are rare in Houston) so seeing the Stanley Finals thread was great to see.
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Welcome to SMF Cameron! I've got the exact smoker you do and have been using it since Christmas, LOVE IT. Mods will only help the ecb and there are a few threads out there that others have done to their ecb.

Good luck with your smokes and glad to have another hockey fan in the Forum.

Go Pens!

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Welcome to the forum Cameron.....I also have an ecb gourmet....I've made the mods to the charcoal pan and added the damper as per Walking Dude's threads on the subject.....also drilled several holes in the lid and cover with a piece of aluminum flashing as needed for more temp control and to help extinguish the coals after I'm done smoking.

Glad you found us here, and don't be afraid to ask questions!!

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Welcome cediger!
I was just in Houston for the rodeo.....yummy bbq out there holy cow you order it buy the pound.....Also those little gems "crawfish" OMG!! what a food feast we had at the "Ragin Cajun"....3 big buckets, oh la la with some Lone Star........oh! not to mention the St. Arnold brewery tour... and the subsequent 30 bucks to ship a 6 pack of their Elessa IPA home...oh yummy beer!!
GO KINGS........SOME DAY <-------- PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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welcome to smf cameron, great site, great people, great advice-everyone trying to help others succeed in there smokes. you will have a great time and will learn alot. sign up for the e-course. you will find it very informational.
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Hello Cam...Welcome to SMF. It's all here, buddy... either in a thread or in a head ;{)

I'm convinced the best thing to do with the ECB and clones is the expanded metal charcoal basket. After that the venting and stuff, but that basket has really made things easier for me.

Also, does my heart good to see another 'ockey fan below the Mason-Dixon. MAYBE there's hope for this sport?

Go Wings! And GO SMF!
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Welcome aboard..................Lots of info here on your type of smoker...............And even a few hockey fans here too.......................
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Howdy Cam. Enjoy the smokes.
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Welcome tot he SMF, this is the place to share great times and great smokes.
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BBQGODDESS - St Arnolds beer is awesome. I first bought some of it last fall and as they change their brews I have been trying every one. I haven't taken the tour yet even though I work less than a mile away from the brewery. One of these days.

Richtee - I am an Avalanche fan so you and I may have some friendly conversations next season (no hate though). I really don't have much to brag about this season against the Red Wings though.
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mmmmmm beer

cameron, where is the brewery? I keep an apartment in Kingwood, right off Northpark and the 59. Sounds like something I would be interested in!
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Cameron and Firemedic,
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Cameron and Firemedic,
Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to find all sorts of info on smoking damn near anything. Now how about this, I LIVE IN KINGWOOD! Nice to have some neighbors on the forum, maybe we can get together some weekend for some brisket.
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Next March when the Rodeo comes back I will be looking you all up, we are coming in for the BBQ competition and a little dancing at the "Hideout"
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The Saint Arnold's brewery is off 290 right outside 610.

I live in Hunters Ridge, near Northpark and Brookdale.
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