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Online metal supplies

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Recently i've been trying to find a local steel supplier. On my searches i did find this place. I've been reading that quite a few people on here can't seem to find expanded metal too easy so thought i'd post this site for anyone having problems.

As a rough guide i done a quote for a 24" x 24" piece of 16ga 3/4" expanded - $15.00 for the steel and $12.00 shipping from Minneapolis, MN to Iowa by UPS.

They have depots in Mn and Fort Worth TX. Probably not bad shipping if in he midwest. Could be pricey to either coast.

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Great link! Points. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Actually the shipping even to California is very reasonable - only $12.63! Much better than another site I ran across awhile back. I won't mention the name but the shipping costs were INSANE.

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Great link. Thanks for the info.
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hey teeotee;
try your local scrap yard. I bought *** the 1/4" steel sheets (4x12) from goshmans in ft worth.
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Thanks for the idea TJ. Unfortunately i'm, way out in the country. Nearest scrap yard is 45 mintues away. With todays gas prices it's cheaper for me to do things this way ............. unless i'm passing somewhere while out.
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