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Hey! Smokin' in Livonia

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Got turned on to this site/forum by my buddy "flyin'illini" Glen. Been trying for the past couple of years, but haven't had much opportunity to smoke much of anything. I live vicariously through BBQ episodes on the Food Network, Travel Network, and anywhere else I can find it.

Equipment: an unnamed charcoal bullet smoker I picked up at a yard sale; a Rival KC Smoker electric smoker I got for Christmas two years ago; a homemade ceramic pot contraption that I "fire" using either the element from a countertop grill (hot) or a hotplate (hot, hotter, hottest).

Goals: Memphis in May (at least to sample); build my own brick pit or a hog-sized travel rig (gotta learn some masonry and welding first... then I gotta find the giant propane tank to convert... then I gotta recover from the "therapeutic beating" I will likely receive from mi esposa, but I digress).

Currently gearing up for Memorial Day, which I hope includes a brisket, a Boston butt, and maybe a chicken or two.
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Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place learn. It's filled with a ton of people the are always willing to help.
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Welcome to the smf. Glad to have ya here.

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Hey Buck, welcome to the SMF. Great place to hang out and you'll get great info on anything you want to smoke or want to build. I want to do Memphis in May some day also.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome aboard.................Glad you joined us here...................
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Welcome, by now you know this is the happen place for Q. Glad your here!

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Hia Buck! Great friend ya got there. Had the pleasure of meeting him and having him help out our team at the Eagle cook a couple weeks back.

Welcome to SMF, and as ya prolly already know we love to help and sometimes just chew the fat!
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Welcome. Sounds like you have good aspirations. I too would like to make it to Memphis in May but it is a good haul from SW Virginia, so I may have to try some closer. No, what you mean about the wife. However I just tell mine that she has her hobbies like talking on the phone, buying clothes and scrapbooks. Cooking (especially grillin and smoking) is about the only the I have that resembles a hobby. Good luck on what ever you decided to build.
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welcome! I grew up in Livonia PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey, Buck Wheezer.... I found it. We will see what you think of some of my smoked goods this weekend.
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Welcome Buck. Happy smokes ahead.
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