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Stuffed meatloaf- Good stuff!

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Stuffed a meatloaf this weekend. OMG it was fabulous!

2 1/2 lb ground beef (the good stuff). Flattened. Add your favorite ML seasonings. Layer with smoked ham, baby swiss, and fresh spinach. Roll it up. Loaf it in a pan as usual (we made it into two smaller loaves and froze one). Smoke it at 225F with apple wood to 155 internal, about 2 1/2 hours. Rest it for ten minutes so it cuts well and makes pretty slices.

Oh yeah, smear a bit of the Jack Daniels original spicy BBQ sauce across the top when it comes out of the smoker.

Serve with your favorite sides.

Then eat until you drop!
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emtee - that sounds like a fine tasty fatty you had yourself over the weekend? Where are the pics? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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sounds good emtee,,, shud give it the attention it deserves with a little qview. sounds like a good smoke.
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Sounds like a damn good meatloaf fatty........wheres the q-view? did it happen?..................
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Sorry guys, I lied. It didn't really happen. wink.gif

Actually, I rarely take pictures- not that I couldn't. I just never have. I usually just fire the smoker off and go about working in the garage. I check on the smoker every whip-stich and keep on moving. Then, when it's time to chow down, I do just that. It never even occurs to me to snap pics. I also have no internet at home. I screw the company by doing this kind of chat stuff here at work. I suppose I'll have to do better from now on.

BTW- I'm sitting here at work munching on a sandwich of the ML I didn't really do. Seems to be pretty darn good the next day! So There! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Well it sounds good Emtee....I like the spinach/ham/cheese idea....will give it a try.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds very good. Think I would leave out the spinach, never been real big on that. This is another one I'm going to have to try.
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Truth be told, I'm not a big spinach fan either, but the fresh stuff wrapped up in there is really good. Doesn't taste like the nasty vinegar laced crap. I was hesitant at first, but won't do without it now that I know it's OK.

As an aside, I plan on stuffing all kinds of neat things in there in the future. I can see many a fine plate of grub coming out of this.... Stand by.
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Excellent idea, I failed when I tried a fatty with fresh spinach as I didnt get it tight enough but would love to try this recipe/idea, thanks!! Pointswink.gif
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Looks and sounded so good... I had a package of Sam's hamburger I needed to freeze or do something with... and saw this!!! Thanks emtee, it is in the smoker now... using your idea, but of course I had to pull a me... so if it doesn't come out good, or right... NO ONE but ME to blame!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Did more of a meatloaf recipe, spices, egg and breading... Since I didn't have the swiss, used pepper jack. I had the spinach on hand, unusual for me icon_rolleyes.gif
I cut in half, doing two loaves freeform... no pan. Smells great, but doesn't everything smoked in a delicious wood? Lazy way out... I brought up to a higher internal temp of 160... mopped with premade BBQ sauce, prefer my own... but lazy today ;)
I am not even going to eat tonight, I have a traditional St Paddy's day dinner in... This is March 17, isn't it? icon_smile.gif Actually am entertaining, and since my friend didn't get a traditional saint Patrick's day dinner, and i have 15 briskets... got out the pressure cookericon_exclaim.gif
The stuffed meatloaf looks and smells so good, will let ya know in later post how it tastes but for emtee's recipe >>> PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Thanks again to all that participate in this fabulous forum...
aka Rocky
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Sounds like a beef fatty. You need to post some Q View, it's like Show & Tell.
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You do know those things are addicting???
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Matt, there is no doubt that the pepper jack will be fantastic in the ML. I can see trying all kinds of things in there in the future.

I take my internal to 155, because during the rest the temp will actually go up a couple of dgrees before it cools down. And since all the ingredients (ham) was precooked, I saw no need to go clear to 160. Heck, I can eat hamburger very rare, almost raw, and I haven't died yet.

Anyway, I'd like to hear form anyone who tries this recipe or changes it up to make it better. Keep it coming folks!
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emtee... I had to bring the temp up a bit higher because of a guest that was here, she will only eat her hamburger well done. Still was impressed how it came out, even if well done usually gags me!icon_redface.gif
So many variations are possible as far as the stuffing goes, ones imagination can go wild.icon_smile.gif
I couldn't get a Q-view before eating, but here is what was leftover and the one to vacuum bag and freeze...
Thanks again,
aka Rocky

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